Aan het bekende ieder-voor-zich zelfbouw-kavel-rijtje idioom een breed huis toevoegen: huis 1 EN 2. Klaas van der Molen + Floris van der Poel Advertisements

Open Space | 2016 | Klaas van der Molen + Floris van der Poel

Thee vastly different apartments on a ‘forgotten’ plot in the Jordaan, Amsterdam | Ruby van den Munckhof + Floris van der Poel.

Fast track design & build beach pavilion on a prime location in Rotterdam. Later re-used at the Venlo Floriade | Photography: Jeroen Musch | Client: OBR.  

A proportionally escalating urban plan -in Enschede/NL-  which straddles the different scales of it’s direct suroundings. Honorable Mention in the PUCA European competition for ‘Barbapappa’ with Job Floris and Penne Hangelbroek.              

Introducing a new west-wing to complete an existing house in Belgium. The geometry of the roof is continued in plans and spaces, creating ‘oneness’.            

A Work in Progress.