Aan het bekende ieder-voor-zich zelfbouw-kavel-rijtje idioom een breed huis toevoegen: huis 1 EN 2. Klaas van der Molen + Floris van der Poel

Open Space | 2016 | Klaas van der Molen + Floris van der Poel

Thee vastly different apartments on a ‘forgotten’ plot in the Jordaan, Amsterdam | Ruby van den Munckhof + Floris van der Poel.

Fast track design & build beach pavilion on a prime location in Rotterdam. Later re-used at the Venlo Floriade | Photography: Jeroen Musch | Client: OBR.  

A proportionally escalating urban plan -in Enschede/NL-  which straddles the different scales of it’s direct suroundings. Honorable Mention in the PUCA European competition for ‘Barbapappa’ with Job Floris and Penne Hangelbroek.              

Introducing a new west-wing to complete an existing house in Belgium. The geometry of the roof is continued in plans and spaces, creating ‘oneness’.            

A Work in Progress.       

2 Mio ex. / 25.000 m3 / Link to Nicolaus Pevsner: http://architectuur.nl/project/loods-tichelaar-makkum / beeld: Diewertje Komen.

A series of seven projects in the form of drawings and concrete models: the result of an analysis of the balance between the generic and the specific. Exhibition ‘la Luna Piena’ in .TENT Rotterdam with Awoiska van der Molen, Alekander Komarov, Stereo Architects, Jan Adriaans and Tonio de Roover.  

1998-2006/€82Mio. First year/first job in the game/professional architecture. Ref. San Gimignano.