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Geoffrey Bawa is a master at creating amazing intricate courtyards.

“Architecture cannot be totally explained but must be experienced” Well…


Jonathan Wateridge [Zambia 1972]_The architect’s house: a Brechtian sense of defamiliarisation and estrangement.

Aufschwung Graubunden 1950_1960.

Kraftwerkzentrale Zervreila / Jachen Ulrich Könz / 1958. Chur, Flims, Davos, Soglio, Arosa, Farzett, San Bernadino Tunnel. Rudolf Olgiati, Bruno Giacometti, Ernst Gisel, Rudolf Gaberel, Georg Brunold, Walter M. Förderer, Peppo Brivio


Kazunori Fujimoto: Function is impoverished without beauty. TRUE

1. Bridge. 2. Primitive form. On the brink of disintegration: the shape nears collapse… bringing a tension and delicate beauty to the flower [Yukihiro Kaneuchi].

Introducing Solano Benetiz, our man from Paraguay

The new Eladio Dieste? Static calculations and all that.