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All Alone…Oxymoron

Michael Wolf. The transparent city. 2007.


Indexing visual databases of designs with diagrams. ‘Quickly! And quickly means run!’ – A. Gold

Analysing Charles-Édouard Jeanneret in….”Indexing visual databases in architecture with diagrams” Gross, M.D. in A. Koutamanis, H. Timmermans and I. Vermeulen (eds) Visual Databases, (DDSS 94) , 1995, Avebury.

R&D: Vogelensangh. De laatste kolengestookte ringoven in Nederland: Reality Check.

Han Arts van der Zanden laat vol trots -en met recht- het proces zien van klei naar oorspronkelijke steen. Zet de BS in perspectief.

Ungenauigkeit / Exterior Strangeness: A. Create the quintessential white cube_ Push the residual program out. B. Blur the edges_Wrap this wierd object in warrior style chainmail.

Kukje Art Center / Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu / Front Inc.

Miguel Fisac: brilliant/visionary AND the co-founder of Opus Dei. Opus Dei!

Movements Continued: Frans Parthesius’ documentary on the work of Petra Blaisse and her studio Inside Outside.

Impressions of interior and landscape projects are accompanied by interviews commenting on the works from different perspectives. The projects include Haus der Kunst, Munich (coping with history), Casa da Música, Porto (user perspective), Illinois…