Monthly Archives: November 2011

Heroes of the past.

Rudolf, Marcel, Ludwig, Charles-Edouard, Donald, Gillo, Kazuo


Miss GoLightly’s Kookyness and effortless charm. Confidence bred in the bone.

Audrey Hepburn in Blake Edward’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’.

‘Adaptation instead of Quiting’. The current pre-occupations of RK @ the Barbican Art Gallery.

Dezeen Screen Post

A Lenny Kravitz mixtape? Ya. A Lenny Kravitz’z ‘Black And White America’ Mixtape. Play.

Blatantly ripped off mr. Olgiati’s private collection of pictures [A.I.+].

Hmm…Sevilla…it must be thursday!

BIG Presentation of BIG Idea by BIG at the Venice Biennale 2010.

Loop City_not excactly my cup of tea, but DO like the flow of energy. The Chemical Brothers_Star Guitar