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Lee Miller bathing in Hitler’s apartment_David E. Scherman_1945.

Lee Miller, covering WWII for Vogue. The above photograph by Scherman of Miller in the bathtub of Adolf Hitler’s house in Munich is one of the most iconic images from the Miller-Scherman partnership. TheNew York Times had this to say: “A picture o…


The Matryoshka Principle by UNULAUNU_Houses D & G… Nifty Design Paradigm. Wild Geometry.

House G_Tiganesti_RO. Matryoshka [Russian]-Nesting-Doll-Principle as Design Paradigm. House D_Targu-Mures_RO. The walled garden-Submission. The Post-Olgiati_school of Romina Grillo and Liviu Vasiu. There is some Pascal Flammer in there too. Like i…

Gmür / Lago Maggiore. SAN ROCCO format_reduced.

Raum und Natur sind nicht symbiotisch, sondern zwei Identitäten in engstem Dialog.

Zimmerman, Carl Zimmerman.