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The North Atlantic_Power is nothing without Control.

V.O.C. Leg 8 Lisboa_Lorient.


Aérospatiale BAC Concorde: an aviation Icon and an engineering Marvel. Subsidised perfection or Cruel extravagance?

The name Concorde is from the French word concorde, which has an English equivalent, Concord. Both words mean agreement, harmony or union.

‘That Broken Quality’ along the cryptic/banal bandwith [sic]. Studio Albori / Casa Solare / Valle d’Aosta.

A Singular Roof by Betillon Dorval-Bory. Chiba/ Nippon.

Roof / Attic / Gabled structure / Elevated / Encompassing landscape continues uninterrupted / Grand communal garden / Volume wraps the periphery of the plot concealing the individual units into a collective and elegant building / etc. Merci Job.

Karkas Nippon_still looking for the more prominent Genova [la Superba!] version. Plaster it on anything build on altitude: V.O.!


‘History is that certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of documentation’ – Julian Barnes.

Taunton State Hospital Skywalk, MA. R.I.P.