TRINITRON @ San Rocco Format +++

Trinitron was Sony’s brand name for its line of aperture grille based CRTs used in monitors. One of the first truly new television systems to enter the market since the 1950s, the Trinitron was announced in 1966 to wide acclaim for its bright images, about 25% brighter than common shadow mask televisions of the same era.

20120525_BS_G1234_DABCD110509_RW92SAN ROCCO_Makro

SAN ROCCO_StockholmSAN ROCCO_SloterplasSAN ROCCO_Ashitaka


PDFExportSAN ROCCO_TichelaarSAN ROCCO_Tichelaar

SAN ROCCO_YpenburgSAN ROCCO_YpenburgSAN ROCCO_Katendrecht


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