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‘Power is Nothing without Control’

For the pure love of Solidness and Singular Presence ______________________________ We create CLEAR. DEFINED. FORM. Advertisements

Jordaan XXX_Welstand Approved 2012.

Ruby van den Muckhof / Floris van der Poel

The Last Supper @CairoTessallateTable: you are invited.

Development vs. Architecture

Back in the day…(even) I worked for the evil Empire.Development instead of ‘nobel’ Architecture and yes: A.C.A.T.: All Clichés Are True. We did a forcefull outplacement of ‘bombeleger’/RAF symathico’s with the help of ‘The Strong Arm of the Law'(Dutch): i.e. #Kooistra and ‘consorten’. Razed the 7 buildings, retrodesigned and built some ‘historic’ BS apartments, sold […]

Severe Stockholm Syndrome

Practice makes perfect_SAN ROCCO format. +2008 Concrete model made for the exhibition ‘La Luna Piena’ in .TENT / Rotterdam.

Carsass_Infill @Genova: Non Diminutive.

Political Casualty 101: Shigeru Ban ‘s Paper Dome _ Acquired by Amsterdam deelgemeente Noord.

Ruby van den Munckhof was asked to do the design & feasibility study for this temporary 250p. theatre. DG Noord_XXX_Rob Post. We shared some of the workload.