City Hall Park in São Bernardo do Campo in São Paulo | MIPIM Cannes | for KAAN+DOMAIN

City Hall Park of São Bernardo do Campo occupies a position of strategic significance in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. The design organizes the site into a series of archipelagos dedicated to leisure and performance, each island is reinforced with an icon dedicated to performance. The icons form a continuity of irregularity, each with unique spaces and functions, and varying in typology, density, and landscape. The masterplan consists of five programmatic anchors: creative industries, automotive industry, film, technology, and performance. The anchors are closely related through innovation and research, and provide the basis for strategic and economic cooperation for the metro region.

623.000sqm GFA (Performance Plaza – 33.000sqm; Museum Park – 20.000sqm; Creative Labs – 72.000sqm; City Center – 98.500sqm; Incubator City – 120,000sqm; Convention Center – 92.500sqm; Gateway Tower – 187,000sqm) on  a 30 Hectares masterplan for the Municipality of São Bernardo do Campo. A Kaan + Domain project in collaboration with Werkplaats Vincent de Rijk [Vincent de Rijk / Rob Gijsbers / Floris van der Poel]. The 2400×600 model which ended up on de MIPIM in Cannes.

City Hall Park of São Bernardo do Campo /// São Paulo.












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