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Valerio Olgiati’s Lima Highrise flattened, dropped in Mendrisio. *** Arcade / Engawa / Verandah: Works every time [i.e. EUR / Roma].

Well…nearly every time: lost competition by the L’Eroe Locale. Advertisements

ZUG_Flying Carpets / Flying Columns / Flying Anything.

Little Grand Tour con VKP e Ferrari [White Elephant!]. A dopo!

The secluded garden overlooking an Emerald green pool in Alentejo_SAN ROCCO format.

Valerio Olgiati research_2009_Emerald is a variety of the mineral beryl (Be3Al2(SiO3)6) colored green by trace amounts of chromium.

Rear End æsthetics + Proto_typical Salesman: Preparati alla più esaltante esperienza di guida di tutti i tempi.

La nuova Lamborghini Aventador: un toro che doma 700 cavalli. I’am no cars-person/petrol head, but this one was too good to pass up. V.O. drives an all white 9_11, perfectly aligned with his rigidness. But who’s bat cave wil be fitting for this ‘T…

Karkas Nippon_still looking for the more prominent Genova [la Superba!] version. Plaster it on anything build on altitude: V.O.!


Gmür / Lago Maggiore. SAN ROCCO format_reduced.

Raum und Natur sind nicht symbiotisch, sondern zwei Identitäten in engstem Dialog.

Zug. On site. Valerio Olgiati’s Ellipses_Plural.