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The G.F.D.A. word.

Back by relentless fucking request.


The Architect’s Architect: Kazuo Shinohara 1925-2006. ‘Reductively modernized versions / abstract geometries of the traditional Japanese house.’

Juliaan Lampens_RAW

Publication on the work of Belgian architect Juliaan Lampens. The architecture of the Belgian Modernist Juliaan Lampens (b. 1926) goes beyond designs for conventional living and instead suggests a utopian avant-garde of living without barriers. He…

Gatecrash the party you’re not invited for…

Work: Victor Enrich.

Textile Field: 240m sq on the floor of the famous Raphael Cartoons Gallery.

Bouroullec bro’s. Who else… An invitation to lascivious reverie. Our intention is to propose a different, casual approach to freely experience what can be a quite intimidating environment,such as a museum. We conceived an expansive, coloured foa…

Piet O. A little late in the wave…WTH.

Kralingen / Tuin Witteveen / 3ha.

Goed Kolos: Ordner bro’s Landesarchiv NRW Duisburg. Infamous ‘Speichergeb√§ude’ am Autobahn. + Ordner’s rules.

Ten reminders for better architecture: 1.Invent nothing 2.Mix everything 3.Consult artists 4.Refine simply 5.Take it further 6.Remain enigmatic 7.Embrace the old 8.Separate the shell from the content 9.Be bold 10.Get to the point. Go!